DoorDrop ™ No Contact Food Delivery App

Deep Sky Wireless announces DoorDrop ™ as a new ‘no-contact’ last mile delivery app for elderly customers seeking food, groceries, and other products, while reducing the need for human interaction during coronavirus outbreak.

Food and Groceries

- No contact deliveries
- Business to local shops
- Assist elderly with food


- Rides to doctor appointments
- Assist getting in/out vehicles
- Drop off at door


Supply Chain for Healthcare Products

DoorDrop, will also establish a supply chain and last mile delivery platform for healthcare related products through a joint venture with GPS technology company GTX Corp. (GTXO). GTX offers "WORK SAFE PPE BUNDLES" which are pre-packed assortments of Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE") curated to meet the needs of small and medium size businesses. The bundles consist of masks, sanitizers, infrared thermometers, face shields, Ti22 Liquid Titanium Shield, UV boxes and UV wands, along with other protective gear.


What is DoorDrop?

DoorDrop™ is a last mile ‘no-contact’ delivery app to make deliveries from such places as local grocery stores and pharmacies to their doorstep of more elderly customers without having them come in direct contact with person to reduce human interaction risks.

Think GrubHub, or Seamless, but where delivery person never has direct contact with customer.

How Would That Work?

An individual could place an order through the app for say an elderly parent or grandparent anywhere in US and the delivery person would leave food delivery right at that target customers door. The app would then immediately send an SMS alerting you that the delivery has been made and is now outside door to bring inside.

The individual ordering would also be able to track the delivery in real-time using the app ensuring delivery has been made to parent or grandparent.

How Would I Tip Delivery Person?

The tip process can be included during purchase process thus no need to see or interact with any delivery person.

Why Would This Be Needed?

As coronavirus grows more and more people will seek to reduce human interaction, especially in areas of quarantines or with orders to ‘shelter in place’. As this could be expected to last weeks, if not months, an app like DoorDrop could become an attractive feature for people seeking to order food and groceries for an elderly parent or grandparent, without having them deal with a live person.

Why Only Elderly and Not Others?

We do plan to expand the DoorDrop delivery app to everyone in future, but due to current health crisis situation, and greater need of elderly, we feel this would be the right niche market segment to target first so as to help older individuals get through this crisis.

DoorDrop is a developing partnership between Deep Sky Wireless, GTX Corp (GTXO)


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