Deep Sky Wireless Release Project Update on AppSwarm (SWRM)

(NEW YORK)—Deep Sky Wireless, a technology consulting and broadband research lab, releases project update on its current client AppSwarm (OTC:SWRM).

Last Mile Delivery and Supply-Chain

On building a supply-chain network we advised AppSwarm to integrate out of box solutions to enhance their current last-mile delivery services, but also potentially expand that to a full scale global supply-chain and logistic tracking platform.

One solution that would make sense for AppSwarm would be GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO) Near Field Communication (NFC) tracking devices, and cloud management platform.

The client could easily deploy GTX cloud tracking platform and quickly expand their last-mile delivery solutions to Enterprise Inventory and Asset Management, which could position Appswarm as major supply-chain solution provider. Combine this with potential blockchain technology and you can quickly see the potential that lays underneath.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Deep Sky Wireless began as lead advisor to AppSwarm (SWRM) in late September 2020. At that time, we recommended and helped develop their video conferencing platform service SwarmConnect, which is a browser-based video conferencing solution utilizing WebRTC for encrypted real-time communication.

Since December we have been integral is advising new features, and how to best target their service towards specific niche markets. We advised the client to focus on specific niche markets cause end of day you are not going to compete against Zoom (ZM) who dominates the consumer side of that industry.

There are customers, and then there are paying customers. Zoom will always control that ‘general customer market’ with their free service for users, but SwarmConenct should try to carve out its own market share in such niche industries as finance, law, and healthcare.

You only need to establish a couple of % points in any of these industries and SwarmConnect could quickly become an acquisition target for larger players looking to expand into these market segments.

Broadband 5G Initiative

We are also key advisors is implementing AppSwarm broadband and 5G initiative to expand broadband technologies to more underserved and rural areas.

This seemed like a no-brainer based on SWRM current video conferencing and last-mile delivery and tracking divisions. Adding 5G and other broadband technologies to these markets will become a major standard, and we feel this is an area they should put their focus on.

Through our growing contacts with NASDAQ listed broadband and 5G equipment partners we can help build Appswarm 5G aspect to eventually give them foothold in such consumer markets as virtual reality, gaming and smart homes, to more enterprise reliant aspects like cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) opportunities.


Deep Sky Wireless is currently developing IoT and supply-chain solutions utilizing IBM Hyperledger Fabric, which could allow our clients the ability to launch and manage their own private blockchain networks.

Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source project from the Linux Foundation, is the modular blockchain framework and de facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms.

Markets for blockchain includes such industries as finance, banking, healthcare, IoT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology — which are creating open, standardized, enterprise-grade blockchain frameworks and code using Hyperledger Fabric to deploy smart contracts.

We were also instrumental in developing their recent collaboration with Pawtocol (UPI), which is developing a blockchain network for the global pet industry. These types of collaborations can help Appswarm quickly develop working relations in operating blockchain projects, and the pet industry is a very exciting use case for blockchain technology.

Deep Sky Wireless is part of the IBM PartnerWorld Business Program

Project Updates

We are guiding our client into exciting new opportunities, but of course these will not be achieved overnight. Our ultimate goal is to help build value for our clients, and their shareholders, and based on SWRM recent performance we feel are efforts have been paying off.

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